Program Introduction

Discover the difference Catholic Reading can make in Your Parish.

Dear Parish Leader,

If you are an avid reader, you know that good religious reading helps to inspire, motivate and sustain the faith. Unfortunately, too few Catholics today are benefiting from the fine religious publications written for them … and there are even fewer places your parishioners are likely to find "hands-on" periodicals to take home with them after Mass.

Catholic Reading Center in your church provides a convenient place for your parishioners to discover and enjoy a variety of Catholic periodicals. Reading quality, Catholic material not only makes a difference in the everyday lives of people, but also helps them more closely relate to your parish and its ministries. Your entire faith community benefits when parishioners are nurtured in:

Marriage & Family Life - Christian Living
Parish Life & Ministry - Scripture, Prayer & Spirituality
Church News & Commentary - Social Justice

CRI, a single-source distributor, gives you a convenient and economical method of supplying magazines and papers for your parishioners. Begin by placing an initial set-up order. Shortly thereafter, the periodicals will arrive at your church. At the end of each month we will send
one simple, easy-to-read invoice. The program is risk-free. Remit (80% of the cover price) only for the periodicals purchased by your parishioners or used by staff members. Send one monthly check for your sales. No returns: dispose of leftover copies as you see fit. Increase quantities, change titles or cancel the program at anytime without penalty. CRI - your single-source for Ordering, Billing and Service.

Doesn't this program deserve a place in your parish?

Ordering is so easy! Select the magazines and newspapers you'd like to offer from among the appealing and trusted Catholic publications described in our Products Catalog. Complete the confidential online order form. Enter the titles and quantities desired and … click the "submit order" button.
That's all you need to do.

Discover the difference Catholic reading can make in the lives of your parishioners. Join today with the many satisfied customers in the US and Canada currently utilizing the Catholic Reading program. If you wish to discuss our services with a Customer Service Representative please call
1-800-432-5564, M, T, Th, Fr, 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. EST. We would be delighted to help you tailor a program for your specific parish needs.

The Staff at Catholic Reading

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