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“You don’t have to go to Rome to get Inside the Vatican”
Inside The Vatican

A Catholic News Magazine

Inside The Vatican is arguably the world’s most well-informed, comprehensive monthly Catholic news magazine on what is going on inside the Vatican at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. Up-to-the-minute news reported with an eye to historical and theological contexts. ITV is for anyone who would like to know more about the role of the Holy See in guiding the spiritual lives of 1 billion Catholics and the extensive impact of the papacy in today’s world. A special feature of this magazine that immediately strikes one is the vibrant color of its photos and its reproductions of great works of art. But, it is the excellent editorial content, cutting-edge journalism and thought-provoking Vatican news and essays that put this magazine in a class by itself.
Monthly (10X) - Cover price: $5.00


The National Catholic Weekly

America is a lively journal of opinion edited for the well-informed reader. America interprets and evaluates the ever-changing events of our time from a Catholic perspective.
Weekly (36 X yr)-Cover price: $3.50

National Catholic Reporter 

National Catholic Reporter
The Independent News Source

National Catholic Reporter is the time-tested resource that lets your readers see the connections between local, national, and global issues and social concerns and the faith of their church.
Bi-weekly (26 X yr)-Cover price: $2.95

 OSV Newsweekly

OSV Newsweekly
Catholic Clarity in a Complex World

Our Sunday Visitor brings you a rich and varied array of news, articles, and stories. Inspiring stories written with a fine human touch offer spiritual guidance. Readers become aware of developments that have special meaning for Catholics.
Weekly (52 X yr)-Cover price: $3.00


A Review of Religion, Politics, and Culture

Commonweal exists to report, analyze, and debate current trends in theology, politics, and culture in the light of Catholic tradition. It provides a forum in which intelligent American Catholics can speak their own minds out of their own multiple perspectives in the issues of the day.
Biweekly (22 X yr)-Cover price: $3.95

National Catholic Register
America’s most complete and faithful Catholic news source.

The National Catholic Register, now owned by EWTN, provides in-depth analysis explaining what happened, why it matters, and what it means for Catholics who engage in the culture to serve Christ and promote the Gospel. As a trusted source of news and views which peacefully answers society’s caustic rhetoric, the Register helps its readers stay connected and hopeful in these troubled times.
Bi-weekly (26x yr)-Cover price: $3.00


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